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Blockchain startup projects incubator & media group

A capital, resource and alliance for purposeful blockchain; BNBChain, Ethereum projects with investors backed community

Led by experts & existing developers, Club0x is created as a one-stop platform for up-and-coming projects launching on BNBChain and Ethereum networks. Club0x grants startup incubation, existing projects acceleration and media resource for teams building on supported chains, offering fundraising, market growth, project management and long term alliances for emerging projects.
Club0x will operate as an investment arm focused primarily on early-stage projects by leveraging our network, expertise range of capabilities, tech advisers, venture capitalists and investors membership community, we endeavour to add value and catalyse growth for projects with a clear-cut path to success.

Our scope for developers/ project owners

Focused at empowering blockchain entrepreneurs, groups or project owners, Club0x provides service opportunities for startups including fundraising (capital), market making, integrations and full scale developments.
The incubation program offers:
  • Build together: Empower startups with the expertise of founders, advisory and media group
  • Fundraising: Creating capital needed for developments, initial market liquidity and other resource
  • Long-term alliance: Offering global network of services and responsibility for incubation projects under 6 months minimum duration development program.

Our scope for investors; club membership

Club0x investment arm aimed at outstanding projects with competence offers exclusive membership benefits for token holders.
Club membership for investors grants:
  • Access to incubation program, listed projects and proposals
  • Seed offerings, token generation event and early birds programs
  • Incentives benefit
  • Media group online webinars with physical boot camps.

Competitive features

  • Focus on developments nurturing startups new ideas and crystallise the ideas into a working business model. Club0x takes drives for long-term growth and sustainability, covering incubator projects up to 6 months from establishment.
  • Empowering blockchain entrepreneurs with no or minimal experience. Club0x offers project's managements, service networks, media groups and experts needed for startups. Physical boot camps and webinars aids this further.
  • Relational and innovative blockchain utility cases. Our incubator will provide a vast pool of experts and mentors to develop purposeful startup ideas.
  • Fundraising and market production.
  • Exclusive membership benefits for holders. Creating Club0x membership treasury (CMT); Fixed percentage raised from Incubator is allocated to the treasury, Treasure decisions are made from investors proposals.

Club0x membership token #CLUB

Smart contract: 0x4FAFc771fd3799E6da006e18DFE6070705E996Af
Network: BEP20
Ticker: CLUB
Decimal: 18
Total supply: 10,000,000
Transaction fee/ tax: 0
Club0x exclusive membership token utilises for access to the incubator, launching programs, making proposals & decisions, launch pools, incentives and more.
CLUB token is deployed on BNBChain with 10,000,000 total supply and no mint function. Find tokenomics distribution and smart contract audit report below:
Distribution (%)
Initial Coin Offering
Market resource & developments
CMT & Reserve
Team revenue

Smart contract certified third party full audit report:

Structural road-map 1 (Q4, 2022)

  • Club0x formation & establishment
  • Smart contract creation
  • Third party audit
  • Club membership token launch
  • Incubator program first wave
  • Webinar & Physical boot camps
  • Project advancements & integrations
  • Road-map 2 (Q1 2023)
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